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Thursday, June 30, 2016


When the kids got out for summer vacation, my mom said she wanted the kids to come for a week or so to spend some time with them on their break.

So a few weeks ago my mom drove up on a Wednesday.  Then that late afternoon we headed to Sedona.  From our house here in Prescott Valley it only took about an hour or so to get to there.
Jacob wasn't able to get the three days off work, which was a super bummer, and same with my dad.  Sucks they both had to work but it was still a nice little mini get away.  My mom used their time share for our rooms.  It was like a big giant two bedroom room, but there was a door connecting them so it could be used as two separate rooms also.  They were very nice rooms.  My moms room was bigger and was like a mini apartment.  

My side of the double room. 

Our kitchen area.   

Our side from the couch looking into through the door that connects the rooms. 

The kitchen on my moms side. 

The dining and living room area on my moms side. 

The living room on my moms side.  

My moms bathroom had a huge tub.  

My moms side had an actual bedroom too.  

The living room on my moms side again. 

The first night we got there and got checked in, then decided to go find somewhere to eat for dinner.  We found this little steak, burger, seafood tiny little place.  It seemed to be much fancier once we got inside though.  The food was good, not amazing, but still good.  I got chicken alfredo and a salad.  Chloe loved her chocolate milk that she ordered.  

Then we went back to the room and just relaxed.  They boys originally were going to share one couch pull out bed, but since both rooms ended up having one, they decided that they would each have one and switch the next night.  

Thursday morning we woke up and had to be at the lobby at 11:00 for our pink jeep tour.  The tour was about 2 hours long.  It wasn't the one my mom thought she was booking, but it was just a light tour around some desert and mountains.  It was still nice to be able to see some of the beautiful nature up closer.  

After our tour we went back to our rooms and cooled off and had some pbj sandwiches and chips for lunch.  Then we headed to the Catholic church up on the hill.  It is built into the side of the mountain.  We are not catholic but it was beautiful.  We took some photos and just soaked in the beauty of it.  

After that we stopped at this little shopping complex     We walked up and down the shopping center.  We went into an art gallery with some beautiful pieces of work.  The kids even enjoyed looking at some of the amazing pieces.  We stopped and got me and mom a soda and the kids a smoothie on the way back to the car.  We stopped and rested by a fountain while the kids drank theirs.  

After that we stopped at Subway to grab some dinner for back at the room.  We ate once we got back to the room and then headed down to the pool.  The kids had been wanting to go to the pool since the moment we got there. So we headed down and swam with the kids for a while. After that we headed back to the room and the kids all took showers and got into their pajamas.  
That night the boys decided to sleep in the same bed together which gave Chloe the chance to sleep in the couch pull up bed herself in my room.  She had been wanting that too since we got there, but shared the bed with me the first night.  We just relaxed the rest of the night.  

We checked out Friday morning, and stopped at one more little store on the way out of town to get some souvenirs.  

It was a nice time getting away, but I sure missed Jacob being there with us.  It is a very small town and seems like it would be expensive to live there on a daily basis, but a nice place to visit for sure from time to time.   


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