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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Today I wanted to share with you about my planner that I am using this year.  I have a small planner addiction and on years in the past I have been known to buy more than one, sometimes at the beginning of the year, sometimes in the middle.  I don't know why since I was always still using the first one I got.  I am just drawn to planners.  There is just something about them that makes me feel way more organized than I really am.  

So last year I kept seeing the GET TO WORK BOOK on social media and I really liked it.  I ended up getting one for Christmas.  YAY!  
I love Kraft color when I am crafting so I was pretty excited that this had a kraft color.  Although now they have a black cover option available and I am REALLY loving that one too.  

I know that everyone uses their planner in different ways and there is a huge trend going around to decorate your planner with stickers and such.  While I do not decorate my planner I will give you a quick look at how I use mine.  

The planner has a month overview page and then the days are each broken down for daily use as well. 
I start out by organizing things in the month overview.  

I color code everything with my highlighters too.  These are just a pack that I picked up at Walmart that had all the colors I use. 

So I write everything I know before the month starts, like any school related items, paydays, bills due, appointments etc.
This is how I color code everything:


As the month goes I am always adding to this section, and highlighting as I go.  The highlight colors help me see what is going on over the month by just a glance. 

Then in each weekly/daily spread I write out daily things like what we had for dinner, that days appointments and reminders.  There is a spot on the top for that days top 3 which helps when I have a to do list and I have a few that no matter what I need to get done that day, or just a simple reminder for that day even. 
I use my yellow highlighter on the month overview for bills that are due.  But on the weekly/daily spread I use it for my to do list.  I highlight the things that are on my to do list that way they stand out more for me and then I mark them off as I get them done.  

Each weekly/daily layout spread also has a section on the left for 3 important items you need to take care of during that current week.  So I love that it gives you a 3 important things for that week and 3 important things for each day as welll.  
I think next year I am going to start using one slot on each day as a gratitude line.  I will write something everyday that I am thankful for big or small.  

At the back of the planner are some blank pages.  I have used them to jot down some notes for myself and another useful way I am using them is to make my Christmas shopping list for this year. 
Every year I buy stuff through out and forget once I tuck it away in the back of the closet.  Or I think of an idea for a gift and then forget. So I am using this to write all that information down.  Since I carry my planner with me, I will have it if I am out shopping and need to remember my idea, or see what I have bought that person already.  

The kids and I have also started a list for their chores.  

I also keep a list of freezer meal ideas for breakfast and dinner.  Every time I think of another meal idea that would be great for making ahead and freezing I write it on that list.  I have a good list going so far.
I swear if I don't write all these things down I forget them.... oh is this a sign of dare I say getting older?  YIKES.

There is even a spot in the back for planning out big projects and helps you with a breakdown. I have not used those yet, but I am glad it is there for when I do need it.  
I love that at the front of each month there is a cardstock page with the date but also an inspiring quote that is perforated and can be torn out and framed, or do whatever you want with it.  

There is also a grid page at the begining of each month and you can write out a project for that month, some notes to yourself, goal etc.  

Another great thing I love is that there is a page at the end of each month to reflect about that previous month.  Things you won at that month, still in progress and things to let go.  It gives you a place to write out what you want to think about still, and things to work on and complete.  This is great for writing out goals for yourself, your family, your buisness, whatever you want to make it.  
I love how this planner really gets your mind to think about more than just today, but goals both big and small.  

The very back of the planner also has a little pocket. I don't usually keep much in there, but when I do it is just little things I want to keep together until I need them.  Like right now I have this recipe in there so I can remember what I need to buy for them. 

Now I want to talk to you about pens.  I also love pens and have more than I even know what to do with. I have used so many kinds and colors.  I used to write in colored pen instead of hightlighting but that got to be where I had to many pens and just was a bit crazy at times.  The yellow pen wasn't that visible and sometimes it is nice to only have to carry one black pen with me vs. a pouch full of colored pens.  

So recently Jacob brought these pens home from work for me.   They are the Pilot Frixion ball Clicker ERASABLE pens.  

I have seen the talk on social media about erasable gel pens, but never got my hands on them.  I was curious as to how good they worked though.  Well let me tell you they are my new favorite pen for my planner.  
I mostly just use the black and my daughter ( who is 6 and quickly developing a love for pens and writing and drawing too) uses pretty much all the colored ones.  

She has since recently somehow used my black one and lost it.  I am so bummed.  So I think when I do their back to school shopping I am going to get myself a pack of black ones and hide them from her.  I don't mind sharing my love of pens with her as long as she doesn't loose my favorite ones.  

They erase like nothing I have ever seen in a pen before.  And remember back years ago when gel pens would skip when you wrote with them making them more of a pain than anything.  Well these are nothing like that at all.  I LOVE these pens so much.  

So that is just the basic ways I use my planner to help keep our family and myself organized in this crazy day to day life.  

How do you use your planner?  What brand planner do you use?  


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