Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I wasn't quite sure what to call these mugs.  They look like nothing I have ever created or seen before. I have seen this idea before to paint your nails, and then recently I saw them done on a coffee mug and I knew I had to make them too.  

So I was deciding exactly what I wanted them to look like so I decided that I wanted them to match our kitchen.  

I started by going through my nail polish stash.  Now for this project you by in no means have to have fancy or expensive nail polish for this at all.  Dollar store stuff will work just fine.  But before I went out and bought any I wanted to see what I had on hand.  I had three different turquoise/teal ones which was perfect and exactly the look I was going for. But since I have just a hint of navy blue in our kitchen too I wanted to have that slight contrast on the mugs as well.  I didn't have any dark blue so I just picked some up when I went to Target. 

The next thing you need to get started are plain white coffee mugs.  Wash and dry them.  

Then grab a bowl of warm water.  Now let me note I do not know if it has to be warm, I just used warm. I didn't try this with cold water, although I don't know that it would really make any difference.  Take all the tops off the nail polish bottles.  

I laid out a cookie sheet with paper towels to set the mugs on to dry after we dipped them. 

 Once you have everything together, slowly drip and swirl the nail polishes in the bowl of water, one color at a time.  

I drizzled it completely random each time.  

Once you have done this with all the colors you want to use, which I did forget to mention you don't have to only have 4 colors, you can have more or less.  But I think if you get too many then they will not show up as well.  

Now grab your mug and you will dip it in the water, and you can swirl or spin or whatever.  I do not recommend  moving fast though, go slow in your motions so the colors don't mix into one blur of a color.

Then repeat drizzling the nail polish in the bowl before each mug you dip in the water. 

Something to note also is not to go all the way to the top of the mug. You do not want it where your lips will touch.  So I told the kids not to go past the first row of dots on the mugs we had.  But you don't have to go that high even you could just do a small part or you can go that high. It is your creation so the details are what you make them. 

Once you pull the mug out of the water, turn them upside down on the paper towel to dry. We let ours dry overnight.just to ensure they were completely dry. 

After they were dry completely I took a black sharpie and wrote the kids' names on the bottom so they would not fight over who's is who's.   

Now if I had left them this way they would not be washable.  So I had grabbed some Mod Podge dishwasher safe sealer and coated the mugs.  This is also not good to put where your lips would touch.  So I only put it right over the paint.  I let this dry overnight too.  

Now the only thing with this product is that you can not actually dishwash it for another 21 days.  So you have to pretty much put it aside.  It is so worth it in the end though because then you will have these beautiful custom mugs forever.  

After they are done curing, enjoy something wonderful in your beautiful custom mug that you made. No one will ever guess that you created these amazing mugs using nail polish and a bowl of water.  :)

Ours are still curing, and I cannot wait to enjoy mine.  Not that I drink coffee, but I do have a slight obsession with cool mugs lately. I love my Rae Dunn mugs and I even drink my diet pepsi in it.  And in the winter we drink a lot of hot chocolate so hey it works.  

I told my mom after I did these that I want to make some of these as Christmas gifts this year.  I think I will do them in different colors that match the color kitchen of the recipients.  

I would love to see what kind of mugs you create.  



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