Random Ramblings: PROJECT LIFE WEEK 10 AND 11

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I told you I was committed to really getting caught up here on the blog with my Project Life pages.  
So here is another installment of getting caught up.  

FEBRUARY 28, 2016 - MARCH 5, 2016


  • Finished the boys KTM shirts.  
  • Jacob's last Hockey game of the season.  I have enjoyed watching him play because he has loved it so much. 
  • Today I reached the next level up in my YOUNIQUE buisness.  
  • The kids played outside and caught lizards. Something they love to do.  


    • Working on some YOUNIQUE products for some of the other presenters. 
    • I love how our M wall is coming along.  It is so much fun to find another one to add to the collection. 
    • A whatever kind of night for dinner and I came up with a pizza grilled cheese.  Mozarella cheese and pepperoni on the bread, grilled and pizza sauce to dip it in.  It was pretty good actually. 
    • The start of Spring Break. 
    • A new recipe for chocolate chip cookies and they turned out amazing!

    WEEK 11
    MARCH 6, 2016 - MARCH 11, 2016


    • Huge rain storm, which I love so much. 
    • Starting a painting project for our Spring Break.  Painting a cheap bookcase cabinet thing I got to go in Chloe's room. 
    • Finishing up some projects I started.
    • Working on the collage wall in the hallway.
    • Jacob is not feeling well.  Not a fun way to start Spring Break. 
    • Enjoying some time outside in the nice weather. 

    • Working in bed on the laptop tonight.  Working my YOUNIQUE business. 
    • I woke up not feeling great so Little Jacob made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed.  He is so sweet.  
    • Little Jacob still hasn't been feeling good this week so after trying some medicine and nothing helping I took him to Urgent Care.  He had an ear infection. 
    • All the kids fell asleep on the way home from Urgent Care.  
    • Trying to find a pharmacy that had his medication in stock was a pain.  I had to call UC and have them call in something else so that we could get some medicine for him. 
    • Playing 8ball pool against Little Jacob this morning and he of course beat me badly. 
    • Found a new yogurt that I love so much. 
    • Watching our favorite supercross rider earn the most consecutive wins. 

    How are you doing on your Project Life pages?  



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